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Upgrading Graphics Card in Lenovo® Essential G550 laptops

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How to upgrade graphics card in Lenovo Essential G550 laptops?

The Lenovo Essential G550 is one of the 15-inchers in the Essential family of laptops. It is powered by a 2.10 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The Lenovo Essential G550 also has 3 gigabytes of RAM making it the powerful of the family in terms of RAM and processing power. As for graphics, the Lenovo Essential G550 has an integrated Intel GMA 4500 MHD to process it. It offers 3.8 hours of battery life. The Lenovo Essential G550 comes with a promising set of features designed solely for the busy entrepreneur. A graphics card is the most important thing for gaming in your Lenovo Essential G550. So whether you are a hardcore gamer or a normal player or just play games for fun, the major factor in gaming is the graphics card in your computer. These graphics cards have been changing from the past 10 years and new features have been getting added. So, you can get your graphics card upgraded.

Following are tips to upgrade graphics card in Lenovo Essential G550:

  • Need of upgrading
  • Issues with upgrading
  • Tips to resolve these issues

Need of upgrading

When you notice that the graphical applications in your system are lacking performance, you need to upgrade your graphics card. Adding a new graphics card to your computer would enhance the performance of the graphical applications, such as media players and photo editing software. Upgrading your Lenovo Essential G550’s graphics card would also allow you to play the latest video games at a higher resolution and frame rate.

Issues with upgrading

Issues while upgrading graphics card might mainly come in the case of installing a compatible card. Also virus infection might corrupt your graphics driver files. Make sure you buy the right type of card. If you have a video card already installed in your Lenovo Essential G550, then you might not be able to install a new one.

Tips to resolve these issues

You need to ensure that you are installing a graphics card that supports your system and the Operating System. Then only it can work. Also install a compatible graphics driver. Ensure that you have properly inserted the graphics card in the correct slot. Uninstall the existing graphics card software in the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ section of ‘Control Panel’ before installing the new card.


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