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Password Reset in Lenovo® Essential G550

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What are the common reasons for password reset and tips to reset password in Lenovo Essential G550?

Lenovo Essential G550 is a 15.6 inch laptop which is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6600 (2.20GHz 800MHz 2MB), Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64, 4GB total memory, and 320GB hard drive. It supports high definition multimedia graphics and provides five hours of battery life. It also includes an integrated webcam and a numeric keypad. It has an affordable price. Every system consists of an option of password resetting. For security purpose, password is most commonly used. If someone tries to hack your system with your password, you need to change your password immediately. And other case is forgot password. At that time we need to reset password. To reset password you might download the password reset software from the websites. In order to reset your password without losing any of your data, it is advisable that you use a software tool known as a “Password Reset” program.

Following are the tips to reset password in Lenovo Essential G550:

  • Using password reset disk
  • Download password recovery software
  • Using system restore

Using password reset disk

With the help of password reset disk, you can reset the password in Lenovo Essential G550. For this click ‘Start’, ‘Control panel’, and ‘User Accounts’ and ‘Family Safety’ link. Then select ‘User Accounts’ icon. After this step users are recommended to select the “Create a Password reset disk” link and follow the information. In classic view could click ‘User Accounts’ directly. In left of task pane click ‘Create password reset disk’ link. While the Forgotten Password Wizard window appears you should click ‘Next then arrange a flash drive or floppy disk and select that in the dropdown list as portable media drive and click ‘Next’.

Download password recovery software

Use the authorized websites to purchase the recovery software. To reset password in Lenovo Essential G550, you need to download some password reset software into your PC. It installs a graphical application on a system and creates a boot CD with a separate piece of software. This CD might be loaded onto your locked computer, where it will then load up and change the files which store the password for your PC.

Using system restore

Systems restore helps to reset password in Lenovo Essential G550. Place the Windows 7 CD into drive and press any key if it is asked. If you don’t have these OS then boot into the Advanced Boot Options screen and choose repair your computer. Then you should choose the language, time and current format and keyboard and click ‘Next’ then click the ‘System Restore’ link and a restore point.

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