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Resolving wireless problems in Lenovo® Essential G550 laptops

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Way to resolve wireless problems in Lenovo Essential G550 laptops

Wireless connectivity is provided in Lenovo Essential G550 laptops with the help of Broadcom 11b/g Wi-Fi wireless. Wireless connectivity as the name suggests provides the user with ultimate freedom in mobility, you can access a network from anywhere without the hassle of connecting wires. It is very easy to build a wireless network since we have advanced technology to provide these functions. All that is needed is a computer with a wireless network adapter. New laptops are provided with a built in wireless network adapter. If your laptop is not provided with such a wireless controller you can try using a USB wireless network adapter, just plug it in and you are ready to use the Internet.

The common problems that can occur with the wireless network in Lenovo Essential G550 laptops and the tips to resolve these issues are:

  • Weak signal strength
  • Signal interference
  • Slow connection

Weak signal strength

Sometimes the strength of the signal might be too weak. In such cases accessing the Internet or moving files could be difficult. A weak signal is like having no signal at all. In most cases the weak signal problem is due to placing the routers in bad locations. In such situations the problem can be resolved by placing the router in a position from where the signal is accessible easily. If moving the router is not an option you can place the system in a position where the signal is strong. You can also try using repeaters as these could ensure the signal strength over longer distances.

Signal interference

Signal interference is another wireless problem that is quite common. Most wireless equipment work in frequencies that are close to the frequencies of older wireless devices like cordless telephones and radios. In such situations move your wireless router away from these devices or refrain from using them. Another possible solution is to use only new versions of wireless devices that do not interfere with the wireless router signal.

Slow connection

Sometimes the connection might be slow even when the strength of the signal is good. This is usually caused due to the wireless network controller driver being outdated. Outdated drivers are crucial to the network controller’s performance. So if your connection is slow try updating your network controller driver as it corrects this problem in most cases.


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