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Startup Problems in Lenovo® G555 Laptops

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Are you aware of the startup problems in Lenovo G555 laptop and how you can fix them successfully?

If you want a laptop for carrying out day-to-day normal computing activities, then Lenovo G555 is an ideal machine for you. The laptop has a storage capacity of 160 GB. The RAM of this laptop is 3 GB which promises an amazing performance. The screen size of Lenovo G555 laptop is 15.6 inches. The laptop also has a dual layer DVD burner. In addition, Lenovo G555 laptop uses a 6 cell Lithium Ion battery. It is sufficient for providing power backup for a long time. Despite such amazing features, you may experience some startup problems in Lenovo G555 laptop. Some of the causes behind startup issues are corrupted boot sector, damaged RAM, damaged hard drive, etc.

Let us discuss about the ways through which you can resolve startup issues in Lenovo G555 laptop:

  • Check RAM
  • Inspect hard drive
  • Repair Windows

Check RAM

You need to check if the RAM in your Lenovo G555 laptop is working correctly or not. If there is any damage in RAM then the computer will not startup. In order to resolve this issue, you need to make sure that the RAM is seated properly in the slot. Remove the RAM from slot and make sure that there are no accumulation of dust and dirt on the connector. If so wipe the connector with the help of a soft cloth.

Inspect hard drive

You need to inspect the hard drive for any damage. Check if the power and SATA cables are plugged in properly. If the connection is loose, then you need to make sure that both ends of the connectors are properly connected. If there is a bad sector in the hard drive of Lenovo G555 laptop, then you can use the disk check function. By doing disk check you can minimize the chances of data loss.

Repair Windows

If you are unable to boot from the hard disk, then you need to repair Windows. The hard disk has a boot sector and all the files needed for the boot-up are located there. If this sector gets damaged then repairing Windows becomes necessary. You need an original Windows CD/DVD to repair the operating system in Lenovo G555 laptop.

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