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How to Factory Reset Lenovo G560 Notebook Computer?

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Rugged, dreary but robust Lenovo G560 notebook computers are widely popular among business users. Ever since released, this notebook computer has been recommended as business computers for its reputation of being sturdy, durable and dependable. However even these computers are not immune to occasional system crash, virus infection, and operating system issues like any other Windows-based computers. One of the best possible methods to deal with these issues is to click system restore option and factory reset Lenovo G560 notebook. Restoring Lenovo G560 notebook to factory settings will restore the PC to the default configurations, to the state of a brand new computer.

Therefore, it is important to learn about how to factory reset Lenovo G560 notebook computer when required, when all else troubleshooting methods fail to repair your PC. Following step-by-step instructions will be handy guide when you need to restore Lenovo G560 notebook computer to factory settings. Take a printout of this how-to tips to keep handy.

Things to do before you factory reset your Lenovo G560 notebook:

  1. Plug in the power adapter to an accessible AC plug point.
  2. Keep patience and do not move or click your mouse or press any button until the process of restoring to factory settings completes. Any error, sudden halt, or failure in restoration process will stop the process and end up damaging your PC permanently.

Step #1: 

First of all, start with taking backup of all your data including documents, images, music files, video files, and other data stored on Lenovo G560 notebook computer. For this, choose Microsoft SkyDrive or other cloud service that you use or keep backup in a physical drive, such as in a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Connect the external hard disk drive to the Lenovo G560 notebook computer and copy and paste all the desired data to the external storage device.

Step #2

Once you took backup of all files, turn off Lenovo G560 notebook computer. Go to ‘Start’ button, and hit the ‘Shut down’ option. A small window will appear with multiple shut down options; choose ‘shut down’ option from the list. Your computer will shut down. Now, connect the AC adapter to the electrical plug point and another end to the computer. Press the power button to start your PC. As long as your computer is connected to the power point, you can ensure that your PC will not shut down abruptly in the middle of the factory reset process.

Step #3

Lenovo G560 notebook features dedicated button to restore to factory defaults with just one-touch. Hence, to restore to factory settings on Lenovo G560 notebook computer, all you need to do is press this button. Once you press this button, your Lenovo G560 notebook start in recovery system mode.

Step #4

Then, select the restore to factory default button and press Enter button. Now, you PC will start. Press arrow buttons until you find ‘ThinkPad Product Recovery Program’ option. Hit ‘Enter’. Once the factory reset process starts, follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows operating system and personalize the settings. During this reinstallation process, your PC will reinstall third-party software packages which came bundled with your PC when you bought it.

Step #5

The login screen will flash wherein you will be asked to enter Windows username and password. Type an easy to remember password and note it down somewhere so that you can retrieve when you forget the password.

Step #6

In order to complete the restoration process, you will be asked to restart the Lenovo G560 notebook computer. The computer will restart and boot with the recovered version of Windows, you will be prompted to enter the username and password while booting.

Step #7

Have you taken the backup of your files with a cloud service? If you are using cloud service, open the cloud application. Now, copy and paste all the files to the hard disk drive of your Lenovo G560 notebook computer.  Now, you can install any other third-party software or antivirus software on your PC to protect your PC against virus or malware to corrupt program files or the OS.

Thus, you can successfully factory reset your Lenovo G560 notebook computer by following these steps. Do you need help and support from certified technicians to restore PC to factory settings? Call iYogi at its toll-free number to talk to a tech expert.

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