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Restore Factory Settings in Lenovo® Laptop

Are you interested in restoring Lenovo laptop to its default factory settings and need some tips?

Lenovo laptops, especially Lenovo Essential series laptops, are mainly intended for business usage. For gaming and other multimedia tasks, you need powerful Lenovo laptops. Lenovo laptop is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at an average speed clocked at 2.0 GHz. At certain circumstances, you may need to restore your Lenovo laptop to factory settings. If your operating system gets corrupted or if system files get damaged due to viruses and malware, then you may need to get your Lenovo laptop restored to solve the issue. While restoring factory settings, you may lose your files. So, you need to use USB drives or optical discs to store your data and transfer them to another computer. Alternatively, you may use your network to transfer files. You may then restore the data back to your Lenovo laptop at your convenience.

The following are the tips to restore Lenovo laptop to its default factory settings:

  • Using System Restore tool
  • Lenovo Rescue and Recovery tool
  • Through recovery disc

Using System Restore tool

System Restore is the in-built tool of operating system that allows you to restore the registry to a previous state. You can restore previous settings for the Windows registry and system files using this tool. By restoring system, you will get rid of spyware and malware infections.

Lenovo Rescue and Recovery tool

You can restore Lenovo laptop to its default factory settings using Rescue and Recovery tool by clicking the ‘Lenovo Care’ button in your laptop. Then, click ‘Restore your system’ and there you need to select ‘Restore my hard drive to the original factory state’ and need to follow few instructions. Also, you can recover data if you have performed a backup operation using the Rescue and Recovery program. The Rescue and Recovery tool runs independently of the Windows operating system.

Through recovery disc

Today most of the computers come with either a recovery CD/DVD or a recovery partition that will be on the computer. If your recovery files are written on a partition, from there you may select system recovery. Here, there might be an option to select destructive or non-destructive system recovery. Click your option and your system starts restoring to the factory settings.

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