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Bluetooth® in Lenovo® IdeaCentre A600-3011CJU

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How to use Bluetooth in Lenovo IdeaCentre A600-3011CJU to share files and folders with other Bluetooth devices?

Lenovo IdeaCentre A600-3011CJU desktop comes with inbuilt Bluetooth device in it. After installing the appropriate Bluetooth driver software you could use it to communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices. You are able to share data files and folders via Bluetooth with other personal computer systems. For this you need to pair that computer with your system. This you can perform through the following steps: Initially you need to activate the Bluetooth device in both your desktop and other device. For this you need to switch on the Bluetooth. By double clicking on the ‘Bluetooth’ icon displayed on your desktop you get Bluetooth Device Wizard. With the help of this wizard you are able to search the device. It is better if you name the device which you need to connect so that you can easily find it from the search results of wizard. After selection, the wizard adds it on to the paired devices list. Now you could share the files and folders with the help of password security.

Some of the issues that can come while using the Bluetooth to share files and folders are discussed below.

  • Bluetooth Device Detection Failure
  • Unable to pair with a Bluetooth device
  • Virus transfer

Bluetooth Device Detection Failure

One of the common problems that can arise while you try to pair your system with a Bluetooth device is the failure in device search. This problem might arise because of three reasons: the power switch of the device is turned off, Bluetooth is disabled or device is not is the discoverable mode. You need to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled in both your computer system and device.

Unable to pair with a Bluetooth device

Sometimes Bluetooth Device wizard in your system will find out the device you need to connect but it denies the access permission while you try to pair. This happens because certain devices have time limit for staying in discoverable mode or wait while the password is being entered. In such situations the pairing will fail if you do not enter the password correctly on time.

Virus transfer

Bluetooth is not a secure connection if you do not manage it with care. It causes security threats to enter in to your computer system and puts you system at risk. So you must pair the device with the support of password protection. This would prevent unauthorized entries to your system. You also need to use a powerful antivirus and firewall protection to prevent such undesirable activities.

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