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Reset Password in Lenovo® IdeaPad S10-3t Tablet

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What are the common reasons for resetting password in Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Tablet?

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Tablet could be rotated 180 degrees to make it flat. It also has multi touch feature. It uses Intel Atom N450 processor which is the first atom processor to be used in IdeaPad tablet. Memory is 2 GB DDR2 and secondary storage is accomplished with 250 GB hard disk. Integrated Intel GMA graphics is used for display and is having LED backlit feature. Most of the connectivity options are available as built in facility in this model. There is a lock button included to disallow the system from turning on accidently while in the tablet mode. The BumpTop application includes a variety of Lenovo applications like DirectShare, VeriFace, VeriTouch and OneKey Recovery in your tablet. Windows 7 Starter is the Operating System used by default. You need to change the password if you forget it, if it is expired or improve the security with a strong password.

Following are the guidelines for resetting a password in your Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Tablet:

  • With reset disc
  • Logging as administrator
  • Third party recovery tools

With reset disc

If you create a reset disc, you can login and reset a password even if you have forgotten the password. The reset disc can be created by using the “Prevent a forgotten password” option below the “Related Tasks” in settings of your account in ‘Control Panel’. This disc can be used later if you forgot the password. There may be an option to insert the reset disc and follow the instructions to login and reset the password.

Logging as administrator

If you have administrator privileges, you can reset the password by going to the ‘Account Settings’. At the login window, it may prompt you to reset the password if it is expired or else you may wish to reset the password to improve security. If you are not the administrator, you need to contact the administrator login into the account and reset the password for your account in the user Account Settings.

Third party recovery tools

Also you could install third party password Recovery Tools, which can help you in resetting the password. If these programs are installed in your Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t tablet, this may reset the password and give you with a temporary password to login if you forgot the password. Then you can change the password to a new one by going to the ‘User Account Page’ in ‘Control Panel’.

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