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Screen issues in Lenovo® IdeaPad Y460

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What are the screen issues in Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 laptop? What are the tips to fix them?

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 has been integrated with the 2.4 GHZ Intel Core i5 M520 processor. It provides you with a 4 GB capacity RAM and a 500 GB hard disk drive. You can stay connected with the integrated 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. It also includes an Ethernet port, USB port and optional HDMI, Headphone and microphone ports. It gets you with maximum viewing experience with the 14.1 inch high definition display. The screen provides greatest performance to gaming users with this higher resolution and the SLI configurations. The screen gives bright pictures with high quality. But, the screen might get some problems like brightness issues, black screen or continuous vertical lines. It is possible to solve these problems with some simple steps.

The issues which can come in Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 screen and the solutions for these issues are:

  • Brightness issues
  • Vertical lines
  • Black screen

Brightness issues

One of the possible issues with your Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 laptop screen might be the brightness issue. The screen might not give brightness as you desire. You will see the pictures in a dimmed format. The brightness symbols on the screen may give little performance. You need to check if the laptop components are damaged. If not, you need to press function keys along with up and down arrows to adjust the brightness of the screen.

Vertical lines

You may get a number of vertical lines when you attempt to start up the Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 system. These vertical lines might appear while starting up the screen as well as on the laptop. You can resolve the issue by holding function keys and power keys for a few seconds. You can also connect the system to an external display to make sure if the problem is with system or screen.

Black screen

You might get a black screen instead of images when you try to display outputs in Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 screen. The black screen usually comes after restarting the system. When this problem occurs, the first step is to make sure that the monitor has power and the light is on. If the problem is not with power, you need to disconnect all devices except keyboard, mouse and monitor and reboot the system after an interval of 20 or 30 minutes. This can solve the screen issues on your laptop.

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