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Recovery Partition in Lenovo® IdeaPad Y550 Laptop

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What is a recovery partition, how does it work and how can you recover a corrupted partition on you Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 laptop?

The specifications of Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 laptop include 4GB DDR3 Random Access Memory, 320GB hard disk drive storage, VeriFace technology, lots of gaming and multimedia features, shiny LED screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1366×768 screen resolution, Intel Core2 Duo T6600 processor of 2.2 GHz, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M etc. The recovery partition is a driver which could be used to recover the lost data and system settings on your Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 laptop. There are various partition recovery tools available today for restoring the contents of a partition that has got corrupted. This can help you when you encounter data loss or system crash on your Lenovo ideaPad Y550 laptop.

The following information can help you know about the working of recovery partition and how to recover partitions that have become corrupted on your Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 laptop:
  • About recovery partitions
  • Restoring a corrupted partition
  • Using partition recovery tools

About recovery partitions

The recovery partition is used to recover the settings and contents of the lost partition of your Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 laptop. You can access the recovery partition by restarting the system and going to the BIOS settings. In the BIOS, you can see the various options to recover the partition of your Lenovo Ideapad Y550 laptop by pressing the relevant function keys.

Restoring a corrupted partition

The partition of your system may get corrupted due to various reasons. It can be due to virus infections or due to the malfunctioning of a particular software, or sometimes you may encounter corruption of your system files. If you have a recovery partition for that particular corrupted partition, then you can use it in order to recover the content. Otherwise, you need to use partition recovery tools for recovering the corrupted partition of your system.

Using partition recovery tools

There are various types of partition recovery tools available for recovering corrupted or lost partitions on your system. You need to download and run the software on your Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 laptop. These software can be used to recover lost or corrupted partitions in any of your data volumes, hard disk drive, or even external storage devices like USB drives, etc. The software can also be used to repair Memory Boot Record or invalid partitions.

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