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System recovery in the Lenovo® IdeaPad Z560

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How do you perform system recovery in Lenovo IdeaPad Z560?

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 provides the latest technology, smart features and complete security in a highly portable and affordable package. The Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 offer processors that range from the Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i5. It comes with a Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System. Other significant features are Dolby Stereo surround sound, the OneKey Theatre feature which allows you toggle between movie and web cruise mode, OneKey Rescue 7.0 for data recovery and the face recognition feature with Veriface software. The Windows 7 Operating System offers different tools for system recovery such as Startup Repair, System Restore, System Image Recovery, the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, and Command Prompt. System recovery is considered essential as it helps the system to get restored to its factory settings.

Some information about system recovery in the Lenovo IdeaPad Z560:

  • Role of system recovery
  • Need for system recovery
  • Tools for system recovery

Role of system recovery

System recovery removes all the programs that were saved on the hardware and reinstalls the original Operating System and, thus the default settings get installed. The process of system recovery will remove the unwanted files, temporary files and corrupted files and thus enhance system performance. It returns the system to its default factory settings. System recovery is always helps to deliver powerful performance which will result in maximum productivity.

Need for system recovery

There are chances for your Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 to get infected by a virus or other forms of malicious software which cannot be removed by antivirus software. Corrupted files, non-responsive hard drive and hard drive corruption might also lead to requiring system recovery. If your Operating System files were accidently moved, deleted or corrupted and are beyond repair, performing the system recovery will help you recover these files.

Tools for system recovery

There are different tools for system recovery available such as recovery manager; recovery discs and the Microsoft System Restore utility to restore the system back to its original condition. You can also perform system recovery using a third party partition manager program in order to recover your hard drive. The recovery disk allows you to format the hard drive and to reinstall the Operating System.

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