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Recovery Partition in Lenovo® IdeaPad

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What is the significance of Recovery partition in Lenovo IdeaPad laptops?

Lenovo is one of the best computer manufacturers; they have always succeeded in delivering high performance computers. Lenovo IdeaPad has many easy error fixing tools and options which allows users to fix the errors occurs on the computer with less time. HP saves an image file of the Operating system and the drivers’ files in one of the hard drive partitions and this partition is called recovery partition. In the case of a system failure or a Windows crash, if you need to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the Operating system, you just need to hit the ‘F11′ key during the start up and select ‘Restore the computer to factory settings’. This would reformat the hard drive, extract the image file in the recovery partition and then re-installs the operating systems and device drivers in less time.

Role and benefits of the recovery partition in Lenovo IdeaPad are as following:

  • Helps in reinstalling OS
  • Less time consumption
  • Reduces the problem of reinstalling drivers

Helps in reinstalling OS

By selecting ‘Restore to factory settings’ in Lenovo IdeaPad, the Operating system and the driver files stored in the recovery partition is extracted and is installed in the active partition after formatting the hard drive. You might have stored all your data in your hard disk; this process of formatting will erase all data from the hard disk. So before you begin this process, make sure that you create a backup of data. Thus with less user intervention Operating system gets reinstalled in your Lenovo IdeaPad.

Less time consumption

Reformatting and reinstallation of Operating system is a time consuming process, you need to format the hard drive, insert the Operating system’s bootable disc, install OS, install drivers etc. This whole process is made easy and less time consuming with the use of recovery partition. You don’t need to search for the OS and driver CDS because an image of the Operating system and the drivers are saved in recovery partition.

Reduces the problem of reinstalling drivers

As reformatting removes everything from the hard drive, it also removes all the driver programs. You might have installed a number of drivers in your system for various purposes like sound driver for getting sound from the system, LAN driver for connecting your system to a LAN network, graphics driver for playing games etc. Drivers helps in communicating the hardware with the Operating system. As formatting removes all the driver files, reinstalling becomes essential which is very hectic job. But with the help of recovery partition this hectic job of reinstalling drivers is reduced as recovery partition will automatically reinstall all the driver files.

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