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Reset Password in Lenovo® IdeaPad Notebook

Lenovo IdeaPad Notebook
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Do you want to know when and how to reset password in Lenovo IdeaPad?

Lenovo has launched its ultra portable IdeaPad notebook. It has got a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz) processor and 945 GSE express chipset. The IdeaPad notebook comes with memory options of 512MB and 1GB and hard disk options of 80 GB and 160 GB. Lenovo IdeaPad notebook has got a Dolby surround sound system. Its JBL speakers make it a device for entertainment. The Lenovo IdeaPad is a good choice for those who could perform simple activities such as browsing the Internet, checking e-mails, listening music and running basic applications. The IdeaPad has got an 8.9 inch screen. It also features Wi-Fi and has option of Bluetooth connectivity. It also has an Express Card slot which could be used for optional high speed mobile dial-up or broadband connectivity. The reason for password reset is basically security issues. Unsolicited access is possible if your password is not kept secure and if you suspect any such security breach, then you need to reset the password. Sometimes you might even forget the password. This may also prompt you to reset the password.

Following are the tips to reset the password in Lenovo IdeaPad notebook:
  • Resetting password
  • Resetting service
  • Resetting methodology

Resetting password

The necessity of resetting password in Lenovo IdeaPad notebook is to protect the important files in it. You could reset password in Lenovo IdeaPad notebook during the time of formatting. The password reset condition arises when there are some failures in BIOS settings. Due to this problem it would reset the BIOS password. The system password needs to be reset if you suspect any unauthorized access.

Resetting service

Lenovo support resetting password service in Lenovo IdeaPad notebook with the ‘power on password’ in BIOS. This tool helps in resetting password by activating BIOS settings. You need to activate it in order to subscribe its service. You need to go to ‘Program Files’ to select ‘Client Security Solution’. For running this service you need to go to ‘Program Files’ and then select the ‘Client Security Solution’ by double clicking on it. This is to create a safe environment in the hard drive.

Resetting methodology

There are chances when your BIOS password could be forgotten by you. There are no other methods to reset it. The only way to solve this problem is by removing the hard drive. This is because the hard drive is protected by master password and there is nothing to do without accessing the master password. The only way to reset the password is to move to the BIOS setup utility of your Lenovo IdeaPad and reset it.

    Engin TOKAR

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 20027 Netbook and i forget the bios password. It says “Enter CURRENT Password:?” when i turn on the netbook. How can i reset the password? Please help me. Thanks.

      Sajeesh Sahadevan

      I have a Lenovo Ideapad 20027 Netbook and i forget the bios password. It says “Enter CURRENT Password:?” when i turn on the netbook. How can i reset the password? Please help me. Thanks.
      If you are sure the system needs the BIOS password and not the login password, it can be reset by removing the CMOS battery (looks like a coin) and reseating it after a few seconds.
      Press and hold the power button down for about 10 seconds before you open it. Make sure the netbook is not plugged in and get a technician to help you if required.

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