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Fix Lenovo® IdeaPad Shut down Problem

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How to resolve shut down issue in Lenovo IdeaPad?

Lenovo Ideapad is a notebook series from Lenovo. The notebook is ideal for everyday use. It is slim and sleek. Being portable, it is easy to carry around. The processor is ideal for handling everyday applications. The notebook has Wi-Fi wireless and Bluetooth. The notebooks have Media card reader. This can be used to read all kind of data cards in the computer. The notebook has Intel GMA 950 Integrated graphics card. The reasons for the Lenovo IdeaPad not shutting down are many. Some of them are slow system performance of the notebook, low storage space, and corrupt or missing registry entries.

Following tips can fix the issue

  • Registry cleaner
  • System utilities
  • Install an antivirus

Registry cleaner

Errors in registry might cause sudden shut down problems. You need to use a good registry cleaning software to clean the registry. Unwanted entries might slow down the registry and affect the performance of the computer. This is because if unwanted registry entries become very large in number, it might lead to conflicts. Conflicts in the registry of Lenovo IdeaPad might lead to delayed shutdown or the system not shutting down at all

System utilities

The speed and performance of Lenovo IdeaPad reduces if it is infected with viruses or has low storage space. The computer might have shut down problems when there are viruses in the computer. By using system utilities, you can free up the hard disk and this also helps you to remove temporary folders. For that right click on a drive in ‘My computer’ and select ‘Properties’. There will be various options to free up disk space.

Install an antivirus

The shutdown issues might be caused due to virus or malware infection. The malware might affect the shut down programs of Windows. You need to install an antivirus to block the malicious programs attacking Lenovo IdeaPad. Always update the antivirus to its latest versions so as to provide complete security for your system.

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