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Resolve Lenovo® IdeaPad Start Up Problems

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Tips to resolve start up issue in Lenovo IdeaPad.

Lenovo IdeaPad is a notebook series from Lenovo. The notebook is very portable and sleek. These notebooks are powered by Intel processor. The hard drive is spacious for storing all data safely in the computer. The video card is also provided from Intel. The notebooks have media card reader. This can be used to read all kind of data cards in the computer. Corrupted programs might cause start up problems. This is to prevent Windows from trying to run corrupt programs; so as to prevent damage to the computer. Thus, if there is some problem, the program would not respond. Faulty BIOS settings might also cause start up problems in Lenovo IdeaPad. Hardware problems might also cause start up issues.

The following might help you in resolving the start up issues of Lenovo IdeaPad.

  • Disk maintenance
  • BIOS settings
  • Fix hard disk issues

Disk maintenance

Lenovo IdeaPad might not start up in some scenarios. In this case start up the notebook in ‘Safe’ mode. An error message might be displayed during the start up. Third party tools are available that can help in starting up the computer. These tools automatically check and repair the issues at hand. The boot programs need to be repaired in some cases.

BIOS settings

Problems in BIOS settings could also affect your Lenovo IdeaPad start up. Addition of new components to software might also affect the settings. You have to be careful that you are not changing the default settings. You would have to ensure that the BIOS settings are still continuing in the default mode.

Fix hard disk issues

If there are bad sectors in the hard disk, then the start up of the notebook might get affected. Faults in hard disk might also cause the same issue. Replacing the damaged hard disk would resolve the issue. You need to back up data before performing this. You need to seek the help of a technical expert to fix such issues.

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