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Boot Lenovo® System in Safe Mode

Do you want to know the tips to boot Lenovo system in Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a utility, which is available in Windows based operating systems. The computer functions on a restricted functionality in the Safe Mode. It permits the user to carry out diagnostic tests easily. With the help of the Safe Mode function, the user can locate and fix issues within a system. This is a technique used to eliminate some malware programs and viruses to avoid Lenovo system from crashing in normal mode. In the Safe Mode function, only a few programs and files are needed by the operating system to run. You may also use Internet connection while Lenovo system is in Safe Mode. It is probable for the computer to begin longer than usual and video resolution may be dissimilar in Safe Mode function.

The following are the tips to boot Lenovo system in Safe Mode:

  • Eliminate all external storage devices
  • Press ‘F8′
  • Advanced Boot Options

Eliminate all external storage devices

To boot Lenovo system in Safe Mode, you need to remove all the CDs, DVDs, USB drives, etc. from your system. After the removal of all these storage devices, you need to restart your Lenovo computer.

Press ‘F8′

If your system has a single operating system, then you need to press and hold the ‘F8′ key while your computer reboots. You have to press ‘F8′ before the Windows logo emerges. If the Windows logo comes into view, you need to try it again by waiting until the Windows logon prompt materializes. Then, you need to shut down and restart your system. If your system has more than one operating system, you need to use the arrow keys to select the operating system that you want to start in Safe Mode and then press ‘F8′.

Advanced Boot Options

In the Advanced Boot Options screen, you have to use the ‘Arrow’ keys to get the Safe Mode option you need and then press ‘Enter’. The Advanced Boot Options menu permits you to start Windows in advanced troubleshooting modes. The user can access the menu by turning on your system and pressing the ‘F8′ key.

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