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Solve wireless problems in Lenovo® ThinkCentre M58

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Ways to solve common wireless problems in Lenovo ThinkCentre M58

Computer networks are common today. A network is a connection of two or more systems. Each of the systems in the network can communicate with each other and can also transmit data. The network that you can connect the system with can be divided in to two types; wireless and a wired network. The use of cables to connect systems in a network is the main difference between these two network connections. The configuration of a wireless network is simpler than a wired one and also the chance of issues is less. Here you can avoid faulty cable connection issues. Even if this is the case, wireless networks are not error free network connections. A common issue that might occur with a wireless network in Lenovo ThinkCentre M58 are router issues. If the configuration in the system is changed, then all the settings related to the network connection can be changed and the system will fail to access the network connection.

The following points show methods to solve wireless network issues in Lenovo ThinkCentre M58:

  • Verify wireless drivers
  • Replacement of router
  • Use repeater

Verify wireless drivers

Device drivers related to the network connection can also cause issues over the network. Similar to all other drivers in the system, a network driver also has to be updated at the correct time. Some of the features will be removed from the drivers if an update is not properly completed. You can find the updates on the manufacturers website. Windows update website will also be helpful to access updates.

Replacement of router

A router is an important component in a network connection. This device is responsible for signal strength in a network connection. Many routers are installed in less than ideal locations. Many are installed close to the outer wall of a building. You can fix this issue by placing the router at a better distance.

Use repeater

A repeater is a device used to fix low signal strength. So if a low signal strength is the issue in a wireless network, then you can solve that issue by installing a repeater. The repeater is a device for boosting signal strength. If your router’s signal is weak in a certain location in the building, you can place a repeater half way between the router and the location to boost signal strength.

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