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Lenovo® ThinkCentre M90z All-In-One Recovery Partition

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What are the benefits and role of recovery partition in Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z All-In-One?

Lenovo’s ThinkCentre M90z is an all in one computer with an integrated 23 inch display that the company is touting as the first business focused all in one PC. The ThinkCentre M90z carries either Intel’s Core i3 or i5 processors, optional wireless networking, DVD player, and a touchscreen display. The Web conferencing capability makes it titled towards business PC. For this feature the system sports an array of microphone with a mute button and a physical on or off switch for the webcam. The computer would be available with an optional multitouch display, enabling users to pan, zoom, rotate, and click just by touching the 23 inch high definition display. The computer would also feature SimpleTap software to enable users to control hardware functions like the microphone, camera perview, system lock, sleep mode and volume. The screen is covered by a glass overlay so it could be cleaned easily. ThinkCentre M90z normally comes with recovery partition. Recovery partition is a part of its hard disk space which contains all the initial factory settings of the computer.

The following points explain recovery partition, its role and benefits:

  • Recovery partition
  • Roles of recovery partition
  • Benefits of recovery partition

Recovery partition

Most of the computer manufacturer’s are now utilizing hard drive partitions to store the recovery data. All the default softwares like the Operating System and the related applications are stored in the recovery partition. You could access the recovery partition usually by pressing a specific key combination during or after the computer’s booting. Partition based recovery systems are usually faster and easier than their disk based counterparts since the data is directly on the hard drive and no disc swapping is needed while recovery. If the hard drive fails or is fully reformatted, the recovery partition would be lost. So it is recommended to take the back up of the recovery partition into any CD or DVD.

Roles of recovery partition

Issue might occur in your ThinkCentre M90z because of many factors like virus attack, incomplete installation of drivers, installation of wrong drivers etc. In some cases all these factors leads to the corruption of the Operating System and that might lead to the permanent system crashes. In such cases, you need to reinstall all the factory settings. Recovery partition is the place where all these factory settings are stored and by using that you could make your system to perform well as it is when purchased.

Benefitsof recovery partition

There are lots of benefits of using recovery partition in ThinkCentre M90z. Using recovery partition, you could easily reinstall your corrupted Operating System simply by pressing some specific keys. Reinstalling using the OS CD is a very time consuming one. It also allows you to formatt your hard drive easily and much quickly, thus removing all the infected malwares or virus from your system.

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