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Restore Lenovo® Thinkpad Edge 14″ and 15” laptop to factory settings

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Tips to Restore Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14″ and 15” laptop to factory settings.

Lenovo has introduced the new Thinkpad Edge 14″ and 15” laptop. The laptop is a light-weight system with a 14” or 15” screen display. The system comes with a highly flexible isolated keyboard. The system uses Intel Core i3 and i5 dual core processor. With the dual-core processor, the system could partition its data to 2 processors which in turn reduces the system load. Thus, you should be able store more data in the system and have a high-speed processor. The system is also including with a high-speed Bluetooth, 3G, 4GB, Wi-Fi, 7-in -1 card reader. The optional AMD graphics and optional Blu-ray and the new HDMI output give more viewing experience to the users. Sometimes, you might need to restore your system to factory defaults. It might be because the system has been infected. You might not be able to remove the infection in any other ways. You might wish to free up enough space in your system by removing old unwanted files and data. You might use a number of third party software to restore the system. You might perform manual restoring or use online tools to perform restoring of the system.

You should take care of some points while restoring your Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14″ and 15″ laptop to factory settings. The points are:

  • Have a backup CD
  • Restore to the desired point
  • Check for the compatibility

Have a backup CD

The system restoring means bringing your system back to the initial point. You might have installed a lot of files and applications after the initial state of the system. As you restore the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14″ and 15 to the factory settings, all data in your system including files, applications and Operating System would be removed from your system forever. So, you need to keep a backup CD to install these data again.

Restore to the desired point

There is an option for deciding the point of restoring process. It is not compulsory to restore the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14″ and 15” to its initial state always. You could select the restoring point of the system. You need to provide a date to which the system is to be restored. All application which was saved before the restoring point would not be affected. It is a good method to keep your data safe from losing for ever.

Check for the compatibility

The Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14″ and 15” might have a number of changes after its initial state. The system would have been upgraded with new Operating System, applications and drivers etc. After restoring, you might not be able to use your system as the old system applications might not be compatible with the new drivers or components installed with the system. So, you need to downgrade system components to avoid compatibility issue.

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