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Restoring Lenovo® ThinkPad L512 to Factory Settings

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What are the ways of restoring your Lenovo ThinkPad L512 to factory settings?

No matter how advanced a laptop’s specifications are, issues with its stability are bound to crop up with the continued use. Lenovo ThinkPad L512 is not an exception. Challenges such as corrupted system and user files, virus infection, slow system performance and operating system failure may eventually prompt for a need to reformat the hard disk or reinstall the default operating system. Having done so, the final stage to rebuilding the computer system back to its original performance includes restoration of the previous manufacturer’s factory settings. In a non professional term, factory settings in the simplest of terms refers to the configuration settings enabled by the manufacturer in order for the user to fully interact with the installed hardware components, i.e. video graphics configurations, sound card settings, Bluetooth settings and network controller configurations among others. To give you a better understanding, the article discuss in detail tips to restore factory settings in the PC and things to keep in mind while at it.

  • Tips to restore to factory settings
  • How to restore the factory settings
  • What to keep in mind

Tips to restore to factory settings

During the packaging of the laptop in readiness for dispatch to the user, an additional CD- recovery optical disk is included. Contained therein is the necessary data, i.e. device driver that will e required to provide an interface between the different hardware components such as sound card, Ethernet LAN card, video graphics card and wireless Internet adapter card among others with the operating system. In some cases, the CD is not contained as part of the packaging but is included as an additional partition in the hard disk. The user is responsible for backing up this data to CDs or DVDs. As an alternative, one can download the latest device drivers from the manufacturer’s website and use the files to restore the original system settings.

How to restore the factory settings

How to restore the factory settings
Using the recovery CD provided by the manufacturer or the ones backed up from the recovery hard disk partition, insert in the optical disk drive and wait for the installation wizard to be initiated. In the installation wizard, click on, install driver option. From the provided list choose the driver to begin the restoration process with and follow the process to the end while clicking on the appropriate option. A reboot of the system will be prompted for, click ‘Yes’ for the changes to take place and to avoid conflicts occurring with subsequent installation. Upon reboot, the installation process will resume. Continue the installation of the remaining drivers until all of them are installed.

What to keep in mind

If the restoration process has been necessitated due to a change in the operating system, the recovery CD provided by the vendor may be ineffective as it could have been preconditioned to work with the previous preinstalled operating system. In addition, when manually downloading device drivers from the web, care should be taken to prevent downloading malicious malware disguised as software.


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