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Installing Video Drivers in Lenovo® ThinkPad T510 Laptops

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Tips on Installing Video Drivers in Lenovo ThinkPad T510 Laptops

The Lenovo ThinkPad T510 is a powerful laptop computer from Lenovo, with Intel Core 2.66GHz processor. It is having a good 8GB DDR3 133MHz memory. The NVIDIA NVS 3100M graphics adds to its advantages. It’s 15.6” HD antiglare display provides an emphatic viewing experience. It is also equipped with a WWAN antenna and a multi-recorder optical drive. The express card slot and the 5-in-1 card reader are other specialties. It uses the most advanced Windows 7 Operating system. It also possesses Bluetooth 2.1 technology. Video Driver software facilitates other programs to access the video card. It is also known as display driver. You could obtain the driver from the manufacturer. You could easily install the driver by inserting the CD into your drive. There might be an Autorun process, which automatically begins the installation. You might follow the easy instructions to complete your installation.

Following are the things that you need to keep in mind, while installing the video driver into your Lenovo ThinkPad T510:

  • Removing any existing drivers
  • Compatibility while integrating the video card
  • Installing the correct driver

Removing any existing drivers

Whenever you are about to install a new software, you might need to remove the old one. This is the case in most installations you do. If you have any existing video card driver installed in your Lenovo ThinkPad T510, you need to remove it. Then you could proceed with the new driver installation. To remove the existing driver, you need to click on the ‘Start’ menu and click the ‘Control panel’. Then click on the ‘Hardware’ tab, under the option ‘System’. Finally, go to the ‘Device Manager’, where you might find the name of your existing card name. You could click ‘Uninstall’ option and thus remove it.

Compatibility while integrating the video card

You need to ensure that you install the driver which is compatible with your Lenovo ThinkPad T510. You need to physically integrate your video card into the laptop. You need to identify the exact type of driver that is required for your LenovoThinkPad T510. You could install a video card in your system only if you have a compatible driver physically installed in your Lenovo ThinkPad T510. While installing, ensure that you do not touch any chips. When inserting the card into the slot, you need not push it too hard. If you tighten the card at the wrong angle, it might break the video card.

Installing the correct driver

This could be the most important factor, which you need to keep in mind prior to the installation of video driver in Lenovo ThinkPad T510. In the case of laptops, the display drivers are little bit different from the ones used in desktops. They could be customized by the manufacturer for each specific model. If you install the incorrect model, it might result in a terrible display conflicts. You need to ensure that the correct drivers that well correspond to your video card are installed. The method for installing video card drivers in Windows is different for each video card manufacturer.

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