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Restore Windows® 7 in Lenovo® Thinkpad W510

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Get to know how to restore Windows 7 in Lenovo Thinkpad W510

Windows XP has the System Restore function, and lately it has been available for the newest Windows 7 operating systems. Both in Windows XP or Windows Vista, this utility is of a great help if something is going wrong with the operating system. Microsoft has done its best and improved System Restore for Windows 7. Owing to this utility, the operating system has become more and more popular among the PCs users. When you are going to restore your Windows 7 on your Lenovo Thinkpad W510 take advantage of this utility and make your work easier.

Here are a few tips to restore Windows 7 in Lenovo Thinkpad W510 and points to keep in mind while doing so:

  • What is System Restore
  • Windows 7 restore
  • Restore Windows 7 using Advance System Recover
  • Restoring the previous version

What is System Restore

System Restore works like an Undo command for the operating system. Whenever you download and install numerous software to make some registry changes, delete files, you can accidentally end up changing the system settings. The changes may be so critical that the PC might crash. So, the only solution to resolve the problem is to restore the computer system using the System Restore function.

Windows 7 restore

Windows 7 System Restore comes along with Windows Backup. So, the System Restore can be used with an Advance recovery. In this way, you can restore the operating system using the System Image created previously, or you can merely restore the PC reversing it back to its default settings.

Restore Windows 7 using Advance System Recover

First of all, you must scan your system for the affected software. This characteristic of the System Restore allows you to scan the system for all the software and files added from the established Restore point. It also scans for the deleted programs and files from the established restore point.Now you can find out what programs you deleted when you performed System Restore. If you run Scan for Affected programs you will see a list with all the deleted and added programs after the System Restore.

Restoring the previous version

You can restore the previous version very easy. You must right click on the folder and file you want to restore and select “Restore the previous version”. This option lists the whole previous versions of the desired files and folders from different restore points. In this way, it is not needed to restore the entire system. So, any file or folder accidentally deleted can be restored or copied as it was before.


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