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Memory Upgrading in Lenovo® ThinkPad X100e

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Guidelines on Memory Upgrading in Lenovo ThinkPad X100e

The ThinkPad X100e is an ultraportable laptop from Lenovo. This ultracool laptop comes in a slick new design and bold color. It sports 11.6-inch high-definition widescreen display. A full-sized, spill-resistant keyboard and a multi-touch touchpad are some of its other attractions. It comes with a powerful AMD processor and ThinkVantage technologies. It is usually configured with the genuine version of Windows 7 Operating system. This laptop is ideal for entrepreneurs and students alike. It comes with wide connectivity options like Gigabit Ethernet card, optional Bluetooth, WWAN etc. The latest X100e laptops are available with 4GB DDR2 SDRAM memory and 320GB hard disk drive storage capacity.

A few points on upgrading memory in your Lenovo ThinkPad X100e are:

  • Need to upgrade memory
  • Benefits of upgrading memory
  • Deciding tips

Need to upgrade memory

New PCs come with sufficient RAM. However, on a long-term use of your system, the continued installations of new drivers, software and other data could eat up sufficient amounts of your memory and hence, eventually you would notice that your system has troubles coping up with the demands of the latest programs. New Operating systems also often demand more memory. When your system runs short of memory, the overflow data is swapped on and off your hard drive. This would significantly lower your system performance. Power users who run numerous demanding applications and regular working with digital video and other large graphics files would necessitate the need for more memory. Upgrading your system memory would provide a ready remedy to all these problems.

Benefits of upgrading memory

A memory upgrade is the most cost-effective upgrade you could perform on your system so as to enhance the speed of a sluggish computer. This is a more cost-effective option when compared to replacing your old computer for a new one. The various applications in your system work faster on upgrading the memory. It would also enable you to use the various demanding applications in your system smoothly. It enables you to maintain an updated system which is in track with the latest technologies available. In a nut shell, upgrading your system memory would enhance the overall performance of your system.

Deciding tips

Here are a few tips that would help you to decide when you need a memory upgrade. Your Windows Operating System provides you the ‘Windows Task Manager’ which informs you if your system is in need of more memory. You could determine the current usage of your RAM by opening the Windows Task Manager. In the Task Manager, you would find an option ‘Physical Memory’. If the figure given beside ‘Available’ hovers around zero, then you definitely need to perform a memory upgrade. Even the sluggish performance of your system would necessitate you on upgrading the memory.

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