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Camera Software in Lenovo® ThinkPad X201 Tablet PC

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What is the role of camera software for supporting digital photography on Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet?

The unique functionality feature of Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet brings excellent options of entertainment by powerful high definition graphics card. The camera software settings and enhancements are some of the best digital programs available on Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet.

Here we will talk about some tips for camera software for using digital photography on Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet:
  • Color management and Image sharpening
  • Image sharpening on camera software
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Image comparison and thumbnail view

Color management and Image sharpening

Color managements is another aspect, which does not really comes close to the original picture thus, leaving out a difference. However, with the help of color management features on the camera software of Lenovo ThinkPad X201, it will be possible to edit the color and implement them. Color reproduction is also possible and helps in coming out of color mismatch issues. Every color is specified with a space on the software and the conversion is equally given space on the software to build up on new colors. Image sharpening helps in emphasizing the edges of the image to draw attention of the viewers. Regardless of the digital sensor blurring the image, the camera software helps in improving the quality of the photo by sharpening the image.

Image sharpening in camera software

Digital camera sensors blur the image thus, spoiling the quality of the image. However, digital camera software’s image sharpening feature can be effectively used to emphasize texture and gaining the attention of the viewer. It, undoubtedly, increases the quality of the picture and makes it look elegant. The sharpening of an image is performed by exaggerating the brightness of images on the edges of the image to make it sparkle thus, enhancing the attraction of the image.

Increased dynamic range

With the difference in the intensity of light, the difference of colors becomes apparent in photographs. However, even after increasing contrast, it does not help. Especially, when the photographs are clicked during sunset or sunrise, the difference is extremely annoying. The traditional cameras were equipped with filters to overcome the issue, however, the newer digital camera software increases the dynamic range of the photographs and intensify the images and colors of the photograph.

Image comparison and thumbnail view

The camera software on Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet has contributed significantly to check on the right quality of images. Instead of just having access to restricted pictures, the camera software brings in image comparison window, where the images can be viewed and can be compared to find out the best. The images can also be tagged for future reference. It is also possible to zoom in to the image to know about the details of the photographs. The amazing thumbnail view gives access to all the images small, large, or extra large on one window.

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