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Update drivers in Lenovo® ThinkPad R60

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What are the tips to update drivers for Lenovo ThinkPad R60?

Lenovo ThinkPad R60 is ideal for all users who like to get their work done when on the move. This machine comes with a Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz T2300e, 1GB DDR2 P5300 2 Slots, 0 Open memory, 100GB Seagate 7200.1 SATA hard disk, Intel 950 graphics card, Intel Wireless 3945A/B/G, Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet modem and many more high quality internal components. Your Lenovo ThinkPad R60 also has a BIOS. BIOS is a service that checks whether all of the components within the system are in proper working state. Only after the BIOS completes the check, the system is allowed to startup so that in case some hardware components are at fault, system would not be started up to cause further damage. The update of the drivers/ BIOS is best done when the system is in the safe mode. Installing in the safe mode would reduce chances of problems coming up during and after the process. It is also recommended that users create a restore point along with data backup before updating the drivers so that even if some issues do come up, data would be safe and that system can be easily restored.

Following details mentioned below gives users more information regarding tips to update drivers for Lenovo ThinkPad R60:

  • Genuine website
  • Driver software
  • Latest version

Genuine website

When downloading drivers or BIOS for Lenovo ThinkPad R60 users must make sure that the driver as well as the BIOS is being downloaded from the genuine website of Lenovo. Drivers and BIOS provided by third party sources should not be downloaded or installed as they might have malware that would get installed on the system along with the drivers and cause numerous problems.

Driver software

Third party software can also be used to find updated versions of BIOS and drivers for your Lenovo ThinkPad R60. Such software would automatically scan the system for existing components and download latest version software (drivers/BIOS) for the system. Such software would greatly reduce the work load on Lenovo ThinkPad R60 users as users would not have to search manually.

Latest version

Lenovo ThinkPad R60 users looking for updated versions of drivers or BIOS should always ensure that the version of the software that they are downloading is of the latest type. As there are various Lenovo products with similar sounding names, special care must be taken when downloading the updated version. Installation of older versions of BIOS or drivers over existing versions may cause problems.

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